Loss and sorrow take you into a process of mourning. All forms of loss can cause this: the loss of health, energy, the death of a loved one, losing a job, the loss of an important perspective in life.


Face your sorrow and move forward

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“I am no longer who I was. How can I deal with this?”

Different forms of loss can disturb your balance, mentally, emotionally and physically. This often leads to a feeling of powerlessness. Tiredness, passivity, depressive feelings make it difficult to pick up the thread of your life again. The loss of your health, with the possibility that you may never again live your life like you once did, can make thinking about the future unbearable. A burnout is also a loss of health, since you no longer function the way you want to.

If you want to get out of this situation, it’s time to get moving. You have to deal with your loss, no matter how impossible it sometimes seems.

Coaching helps you do this. It gives you perspective and space. This way you can eventually pick up the thread of your life and build a meaningful existence again.

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Grief changes you and never disappears completely.

Fortunately, you can learn to live with it, to adapt and to regain the resilience to overcome the pain. Grief as a result of loss remains but doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

If you want to find a new balance in your life,

it’s good to get moving. Literally. I use nature to help relax. I help you take your grief so that you can go on after a difficult period.

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I am an expert by experience

in the field of physical, cognitive and mental rehabilitation following a serious accident. I found that the lack of proper guidance means that you keep falling into the same trap.

The road to a different and meaningful life was a quest filled with struggle. I learned that processing loss deserves a great deal of attention. You can only move on once you really find that focus. You’re always capable of more than you realize.

I specialize in coaching people who have difficulty going on after a major event in their lives. I also use my background as a dramaturge and sports coach.

“What I appreciate most about Anna as a coach is that she gives you confidence. It makes you independent again so you can continue on your own.”

– J.A.

“When I fled from Syria, I had conflicting feelings. Anna offered me a safe and relaxed environment to unravel what was bothering me. Through the process with her I learned to accept my past and I got a better grip on the present. I am now much more tolerant of myself and I am much better connected to my feelings.”


“The conversations with Anna helped me to gain insight into what really was going on with the questions I was having. Anna is sharp, analytical and immerses herself in the question behind the question, it was very nice to work with Anna.”


“I found the combination of coaching and outdoor activities very pleasant, it helped me to be in the moment.”


“I learned a lot in six sessions: accepting what my life looks like now, understanding myself. I am stronger now and like myself more, and I am very happy with these improvements and this experience.”


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In our coaching process I provide you with insight into what is going on and how you can deal with it. In nature, it’s often easier to express what’s troubling you, to face up to, and to name the sadness, pain and fear. There’s less tension if you just want to be quiet. Walking, cycling or sitting still, the intensity depends on your situation.

Nature offers peace and space to catch your breath. Nothing is expected of you. You have the room to tell your story.

By literally moving, a sense of space is created. From that feeling you start to look at your situation differently. You gradually build a different relationship to it. This process also has its difficult moments and is different for everyone. I alternate outdoor and indoor sessions, depending on what’s needed.

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